Apr 6, 2012

Business Spotlight: Dirty Dogs

In an effort to understand our merchant needs, we’ve been reaching out to businesses. We want to know if Perkville has helped and how we can improve.  

We recently spoke with Dirty Dogs founder and owner, Salomon Btesh. Salomon founded Dirty Dogs to be a one-stop-shop for pets—providing healthy nutritional foods, cage-free grooming, self-service washing facilities and a wide range of accessories.  

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Feb 11, 2012

Charm City Yoga Won Back 62 Customers in One Month!

Did you know you can automatically win back customers with Perkville promotions?

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Feb 4, 2012

Life Before Perkville


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Feb 3, 2012

Happy customer redeeming a Perk at Caffe Pascucci


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Feb 3, 2012

Charm City Yoga Testimonial

"Perkville is more than just a rewards program, as it brings in new clients through its powerful referral program and welcomes back lost clients through a win-back program. It helps create new money for the studio."

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