Nov 30, 2012

Business Spotlight: Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC)

When a gym is doing something right, the numbers speak volumes.  This is true for Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club where we saw registered members in their loyalty program take an average of 12 classes versus 3 classes for non-members over 60-days.  Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club was launched in 1996 just outside of Edmonton in St. Albert, Alberta.  SVAC has over 1,500 club members and occupies 22,000 sq ft.  

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Sep 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to … your customers!

We just rolled out a brand new feature that allows businesses to send customers points on their birthday.  

If you’re in the cabin plan or above, you can now take advantage simply by clicking on this link on your ’Business Profile’ page.

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Aug 27, 2012

Business Spotlight: betsy & iya

We’re dedicating this post to ‘betsy & iya’ as they just celebrated their 1-year brick and mortar anniversary and gave double Perkville points all day. “We’re getting a great response to the Perks we set up.  We’re always excited by a fun and creative way to reward our loyal customers,” said Betsy Cross designer and co-owner.

referrals retention success stories rewards

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Aug 15, 2012

Business Spotlight: Balisi

You might have stumbled upon one of the four Balisi boutiques if you’ve shopped in Toronto, Canada.  

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Jun 27, 2012

Perkville and ERPLY Are Now Integrated!

We’re now integrated with ERPLY, a cost-effective, easy to implement social POS solution to manage and grow your business. ERPLY believes in social media as much as we do and they’ve been busy building exciting features. They recently integrated with PayPal enabling sales staff to to recognize shoppers who have checked into their store and shoppers can pay without using a card or paper receipt.   

If you use ERPLY, you can now seamlessly reward your customers with Perkville. Get started here.  


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May 8, 2012

'One time deal' is here!

If you’ve been using Perkville for awhile, you already know how to set up your business profile and perks.  You’ve been able to give customers introductory points.  And you’ve enjoyed how Perkville’s automated setup has freed you to focus on other things.   Now, we’ve created a way for you to generate excitement about a new product or service by sending out a one time deal.   


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Apr 24, 2012

Points for Booking Online

Recently, we rolled out a new points feature for businesses using MindBody. This feature will allow you to incentivize customers to book classes, appointments, and workshops online, rather than booking the classes over the phone or in person which streamlines scheduling. (Think Southwest online booking level of efficiency.)

Mindbody users can take advantage of this bonus point feature right away. With all things Perkville, setting up this bonus points feature is easy—we’ve written up the step by step process in our help section here.


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Apr 6, 2012

Business Spotlight: Dirty Dogs

In an effort to understand our merchant needs, we’ve been reaching out to businesses. We want to know if Perkville has helped and how we can improve.  

We recently spoke with Dirty Dogs founder and owner, Salomon Btesh. Salomon founded Dirty Dogs to be a one-stop-shop for pets—providing healthy nutritional foods, cage-free grooming, self-service washing facilities and a wide range of accessories.  

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Mar 24, 2012

Perkville’s Introductory Points Feature

I cringed when I saw the words ‘introductory points feature.’ Immediately my mind went back to my retail days when I had to tediously register new customers manually. It would take at least 5 minutes to input a new customer’s information into the system and another minute to calculate their initial discount.  
But these are the same reasons why Perkville merchants should be beaming—Perkville merchants don’t have to do any of the above.  
Our introductory points feature can jump start a rewards program by giving new customers starter points or reward existing customers automatically.  

To give all of your customers introductory points, just sign into Perkville and visit the business dashboard. Then click “Jump Start Your Reward Program,” type in how many points you’d like to give each customer and upload the customer list (.CSV file please). Since new customers enroll with their email, they will automatically receive introductory points—and merchants don’t have to do anything.  

It’s really that easy—and FREE (introductory transactions do not get billed).  

If you are like me and need visuals, here is what you can expect to see when you jump start your rewards program:


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Mar 16, 2012

Perkville has Partnered with Vend!

We are excited to announce a partnership with Vend, a web based point-of-sales (POS) company that has been blowing up with thousands of businesses from brewing companies in New Zealand to skydiving schools in Sydney.  


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