Aug 1, 2017

Lara Harrington of Boutique Fitness Talks Strategies for Marketing and Growing Her Business


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Jul 31, 2017

Stay on Top of Your Rewards Program with the Registration Overview Report

Easily view the number and percent of customers that are joining your rewards program with the Registration Overview Report.

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Jul 26, 2017

Emily Ridout Built a Stellar Brand for her Yoga Business and Tells Us How


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Jul 24, 2017

Check out this new report to help you monitor referral metrics

Check out our new Referral Overview Report,

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Jul 12, 2017

Bill Bates of KAOS Music Talks Adapting to Increased Online Competition

How is the retail space adapting in the age of online shopping?

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Jun 2, 2017

4 Effects of Implementing a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs may seem like just a fun way to interact and engage with your customers, but the truth is that they're actually incredibly effective at achieving specific goals. Depending on how you structure your rewards program, you may see one or more of the following four effects of customer loyalty.

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May 2, 2017

Show, Don't Tell: How to Appreciate Your Customers The Right Way

There's an old saying: "Show, don't tell." While this saying is mostly used in writing classes, we like to think that it applies to your interactions with your customers as well.

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Mar 30, 2017

Referrals are the Key to Getting New Clients in the Wellness Industry

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or grow your existing one, one thing’s for certain: referrals are the most effective (and cheapest) way to bring in new clients.


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Mar 22, 2017

Run Your Rewards Program Smoothly With One Easy Step

Keeping your customers educated about your rewards program is the key to running it smoothly.


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Mar 9, 2017

Small Budget? No Problem! Four Cost-Effective Customer Engagement Strategies to Try

Don’t let a small budget at your business prevent you from going big with customer engagement.


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