O2 Fitness Realizes 2054% ROI with Perkville Platform

Learn how O2 Fitness realized strong ROI with Perkville from this article in Club Solutions Magazine.  Michael Olander, the CEO of O2 Fitness, said the following: 

“We estimate the value of O2 Rewards’ retention impact in 2014 will be between $400K and $800K,”

O2 Fitness recently doubled to 25 gyms and will deploy the Perkville platform to all new locations in Q2 2014.

Tips for ‘Earning and Redeeming’ rules

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about best practices for setting up earning and redeeming rules, and we’d like to share our lessons learned!



  • Reward what your customers do most frequently since that will be the foundation of the program.  If you’re a gym, reward check ins.  If you’re a yoga studio, reward attending class.  We recommend 5 points for each check in or class attended.  This way, customers stay engaged with the program because they’re earning frequently.  

  • Generously reward referrals as those are incredibly valuable for your business.  We recommend for each referral that it should be enough points for at least one of our rewards. Referrals point will not go through until the new customer earns points.



  • We recommend at least 3 redeeming options with different levels.

    - We’ve even heard from The Bar Method Inglewood that Perkville can help convert repeat customers into new members through rewards.

  • Make less expensive rewards equal to 30 or more of the frequent activity your customer do.  For example, if you’re rewarding gym checkins at 5 points each, make an inexpensive reward worth 150 points or more.  

  • Offer rewards like t-shirts or gym bags where the customer’s use of the reward markets your business.

  • Offer a reward that drives additional referrals like a “Free month pass for a friend”.  

  • Offer rewards that upsell additional services.  For example, if you’re a gym that offers personal training, then offer “30% off your first PT package”.  

  • Partner with nearby businesses like restaurants or spas. They might offer discounts for your members at no cost to you such as a “Free massage” from a spa or a “Free appetizer” from a restaurant.  In exchange, you’re marketing their business to your customers by including them in the program.  


elements®fitness and BalanceDiet™ Launch Perkville

elements®fitness and BalanceDiet™ are award-winning international franchise brands, based in Miami, Florida.

elements® founder Christopher Palumbo commented, “With this new rewards system, we can better showcase the lifestyle nature of our brands. Important “good” behaviors, such as generating referrals or buying products are rewarded easily. Members can easily track their accounts, and redeem points for meaningful purchases, such as personal training, branded products, higher-ticket retail items or more. ClubReady software integration makes incorporating this new program a breeze. 

“We had researched many programs before making a final selection, and are very pleased with the management and philosophy of Perkville™.  We wanted an easy to use solution, which could be integrated into all of our locations worldwide.  It was immediately adapted by the club teams and members, who have become very excited about it
.”  The feeling is mutual.

"We are proud to work with the best of the best in the fitness industry.  It’s great when a service can improve business outcomes and encourage exercise at the same time," commented Sunil Saha, co-founder of Perkville.

Business Spotlight: EZIA

EZIA Human Performance is an industry leader in delivering results-driven athletic programs, while educating clients on the benefits of an active lifestyle. They have a  “Human Performance Lab” in Carlsbad, CA, where they combine fitness training (personal and small group) with physical therapy and nutritional education and planning.


“Our ESP Program is comprised of 6 different levels, similar to the color-coded karate belt system. There is room for everyone to progress in our program, from youth athletes and their grandparents, to Olympians coming off of surgery and corporate executives. We like to say that our program meets you where you are and encourages and enables you to live an active lifestyle!” said Gaelan Truyman, Community Manager of EZIA.

Our workouts are already gamified but we wanted to find a way to tie attendance, yelp reviews, check in’s, and recommendations to a rewards system. Perkville is the perfect solution as it already integrates with our other software, Listen360 and MINDBODY.  It’s super easy to use from a customer and administration process, cost effective, and our members LOVE it!”

“We encourage our members to use MINDBODY ONLINE to sign up for class (and take themselves out if they can’t make) so that was one of the first rewards we set up. For every session or therapy visit attended, we rewarded points.  We also like our staff’s schedules to be set up at least a month in advance, which encourages accountability. The social networking perks (Facebook/Twitter) was a no brainer!”

“One of our most successful Perkville stories has been with one of our members tweeting about us 3 times a week to over 60,000 twitter followers. Tracy receives a Perkville email every time she completes a session reminding her to make a social post. She is a member who really gets the science behind our program and has been able to communicate her development and success in 140 characters or less. We even created a blog post with all of her tweets and we couldn’t have done it without Perkville!”

We saw Tracy’s twitter feed via Perkville displayed on the EZIA website here: http://www.eziahp.com/tracys-twitter-testimonial

We just received new headbands in our retail store and members started asking if they could use their Perkville points instead of purchasing them. That was the proof that Perkville really works and it’s a win-win for both them and us!”   http://statigr.am/p/434971581632157135_28716220

Business Spotlight:  PedalSpin Studios
We recently caught up with Cindy and Michelle Belle at MINDBODY University and learned a little bit about their Perkville experience.  Cindy and Michelle are co-owners as well as sister-in-laws who both fell in love with spinning over eleven years ago. However, they had trouble reserving a bike at the gym.  They took matters in their own hands and built PedalSpin and grew their one studio in Montrose, California into four.  They now have locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont, and South Pasadena.  
We loved hearing about how students have been eyeing and redeeming useful rewards such as SPIN shoes (to help beginners get the most out of their ride), and socks.  Clients active on the rewards program take 2.5 times more classes than clients who have not clicked to enroll and track points.  Clients have made over 500 Facebook postings and Tweets about Pedal Spin.  Additionally, they have seen an increase in referrals since launching Perkville due to the ease of referring friends online.
Check out what they said about Perkville in their testimonial video above.

Strategic Funding Source partners with Perkville

We’re excited to work with Strategic Funding Source, which offers financing to small and medium sized businesses throughout the U.S.  Strategic Funding Source will offer their clients Perkville to help them drive retention, referrals and social media.
"We’re excited to give our clients an easy to use and effective, cloud-based rewards program.  Perkville will help them reach their business goals," said Filippa Noghani, Marketing Director of SFS.

Business Spotlight: Coreology Fitness

A Pilates studio that is continuing to inspire clients well past February is Coreology Fitness. Coreology Fitness is a MINDBODY boutique studio in Rolling Hills Estates, California that offers several different small group personal training sessions.  “We offer a high intensity Pilates class performed on the Megaformer™ machine that combines Pilates principles with strength training and cardio benefits. It’s unlike any other class out there!” said Sarah Martz, founder of Coreology.


Sarah was unsatisfied with the quality of other gyms and workouts and really wanted to create a space where people could come get the very best workouts in a positive small group environment where clients come to set and achieve goals.

“We found out about Perkville through one of our clients who used it at a different local business and suggested we check it out. We love how effortlessly it works with MINDBODY, it is easy for us to integrate and our clients love the fact that their hard work is rewarded with free classes and other perks,” said Sarah.


Over 30% of all Coreology members are active participants that earn points in their rewards program.  Moreover, 105 customers recommended their business on Perkville which resulted in new customers taking advantage of their referral deal.  In this manner, they are able to keep folks accountable to their resolutions, and bring in friends to do the same.