Timing is everything – especially when it comes to Perkville Points

Perkville points aren’t just for rewarding customers' actions. You can also give points for when and how often those actions are completed.

With the new Frequency Bonus and Time Bonus, your customers earn extra while bringing you more business at key times. Here’s how it works.

Consistency is key

It’s time to make your business part of your customers’ everyday life. How? Help them form habits by adding a Frequency Bonus to your loyalty program.

The Frequency Bonus is exactly what it sounds like – your customers receive bonus points for coming in multiple times in a week or month.

You can give bonus points for checking in to Facebook, tweeting, signing in at the front desk, or referring several of their friends. If your customer hits two, three, five or x of these actions during your specified time period, they get bonus points (defined by you) on top of the points they already get for performing those actions.




To get started with your Frequency Bonus, think about your retention goals and your customers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you aim to have them come in semi-monthly, weekly, or several times a week?
  • Is your business one that relies on repeat customers (retention) or bringing in new customers (referrals)?
  • Are there certain weeks / months that are slower than others?

With these answers in mind, you’re ready to set up your frequency bonus.

Make your Frequency Bonus count

The Frequency Bonus can work wonders for upping your customer retention, referrals and revenue. Depending on your business, you should use the frequency bonus the following ways:

Gyms. Incentivize your members to attend regularly and help make visits to your club a habit. Try rewarding an extra 100 points for any members that sweat it out 4 times a week, or 12 times a month.

Yoga. Offer bonus points for students who refer three or more friends a month or who attend six classes a month.

Spa / Salon. Hand out bonus points for customers that book two or more different treatments a month.

Retail. Give out some bonus points to customers for spending $50 in one month.

The best part? Frequency Bonuses form habits, meaning that even when your bonus isn’t in effect, customers who are used to coming through your door often will continue to do so.

Timing is everything

The Time Bonus feature is different from the Frequency Bonus in that it incentivizes your customers to come by your business at specific times, such as off-peak hours, during specific promotional times and more. (Psst, we recommend setting both of them up.)

Where the Frequency Bonus focuses on the number of times your customers take an action, the Time Bonus offers bonus points to customers that visit during certain hours, times of day or days of the week.


Say you own a yoga studio, and you want to fill up a new class that you’re offering for students. Only problem is, the only spot in your schedule is 10am on a Tuesday, and that has historically been a slow time for your studio. With the Time Bonus, you can give double, triple, quadruple or x times the amount of points to anyone that checks in to your studio during that time, motivating them to try your new class.

Time to set up?

You can set up a Time Bonus all day on your slowest day of the week, or choose the slowest hours of each day to encourage more people to come through the door. Here are some ideas for great time bonuses:

Gym. Award double the points for members that come into your gym between 10am and 11am or 1pm to 4pm, or any other time that is usually slow.

Yoga. Give extra points to students trying your new classes or during times where classes are generally emptier.

Spa / Salon. Spread out your stylists and estheticians’ schedules by offering double the points for booking during their slower hours.

Retail. Get more eyes on your brand and more feet in the door during promotions and sales by offering extra points for Facebook check-ins, photos, tweets and dollars spent.


No matter what kind of business you run, the Frequency and Time Bonus features are there to help you bring in more referrals and returning customers, according to hours and rates that you choose for your business. If you haven’t already, check out our article on how to set up these bonus features in your Perkville account.

New to Perkville and want to learn more about how the Frequency and Time Bonuses can work for your business? Schedule a demo here.


Jul 21 2016

Leverage Your Newsletter to Increase Leads for Your Fitness Business

This post was written by our guest blogger, Josh Leve. Josh is responsible for the strategic business operations for the Association of Fitness Studios. Josh brings more than 10 years of sales, consulting, advertising, marketing, operations, and retail experience to AFS. 

In this day and age it's critical to stay in touch with clients and members.  It's also incredibly important to build your list of prospects so you always have a segmented list to market to. Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged while promoting the benefits of what you do. 

Here are my top tips for creating a successful newsletter.  

  1. Make some of the content educational.It's one thing to promote how many great programs you have but you also want to be seen as the fitness expert in your community. Content such as the value of stretching, exercises that can be done at home or between visits to the studio go a long way. Plus, go a step further and embed a video of yourself demonstrating these particular exercises. You want to become the face of your business, what better way than video!
  2. Introduce new employees.Newsletters provide the platform for you to introduce new trainers, employees, and front-line staff. Add in pictures, their background, expertise, but also sprinkle in some fun facts about them. What do they love to do during their time off?  
  3. Spotlight the success stories.Never under estimate the power of change. By showcasing a client's success story coupled with before and after pictures you directly showcase how your business has positively impacted their life! This is a huge motivating factor for anyone on your distribution list. If one client can achieve success, others can as well!
  4. Cross promote with local businesses.With your own newsletter you know have the ability to send out a communication to your group of email contacts. As you build your list through social media ads, website lead capture fields, walk-in traffic, your list becomes more desirable to other local businesses. Expert tip: One studio owner I met was able to provide his local dry cleaners free advertising on his newsletter; in return, the dry cleaner hung cardboard pods around the necks of the hangers promoting his studio to all the dry cleaning customers! What a fantastic way to stretch your marketing budget for a low cost! 
  5. Ask for feedback.Want to find out what your members think about you? Survey them. Online solutions such as surveymonkey.com offer easy tools to implement and link directly from your newsletter. Make sure to form any questions to sell your brand and think about doing them quarterly around the seasons. Typical questions to ask might be "On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to refer a friend?" or "How satisfied are you with the parking options?" 
  6. Market new programs.No matter the time of year you should always have your 12-month marketing calendar set before the start of the year. Understanding what programs to market at the right time could make all the difference in participation. Is summer around the corner? Market a 6-8 week beach body program. Newsletters provide the opportunity to hit a large number of people to promote your offerings.  
  7. Showcase the new members that have joined and if someone referred them, spotlight them too!Your clients/members love recognition. Why not thank them in a way that showcases their loyalty to your business?  
  8. Spotlight speaking arrangements.Are you conducting a seminar, workshop or presenting to a mom's group, health food store, or elsewhere in the near future?  Any time you have an opportunity to promote yourself and your brand is an opportunity to utilize your newsletter for further exposure!  Remember, it's all about getting people engaged, get them talking and the feedback you'll receive will only fuel your business' success. 

If you're not sure where to start, online solutions such as constant contact, mailchimp, icontact provide cost effective platforms with easy templates to create your newsletter. With some simple editing and linking, you'll be well on your way to mastering the techniques necessary to improve the reach of your business. 


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Jun 16 2016

May I Have Your Attention Please - Part 1

This post was written by our guest blogger, Joe Hall. Joe has a wealth of experience in driving online engagement, and operates the social media strategy for the fast growing UK based gym chain XERCISE4LESS, one of Perkville's clients.

Ok, so in my first post Why Referrals Need to Be the Centerpiece of Your Fitness Marketing Strategy, I highlight the importance of being able to portray your purpose, values, and visions on social media. That's because regardless of which social media platform you choose for your organization you have to work around your purpose, values, and visions. If you don't have a purpose, you don't portray your values and if you don't work in line with your vision and goals, you will not be successful on social media. That's just life! But just doing this is not enough, if you want to be truly successful on social media, you need to capture the ATTENTION of your audience.

Establish your audience

As a gym operator, how do you capture the ATTENTION of your audience if you don't know who your audience is? The easiest way to gauge your audience is to collect the age, gender, location, and goal orientation of all the members you sign up from the point of first contact. Then run a report in your Club Management or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to see which categories come out on top. If you notice in the report that the majority of members are 25-40 aged females from the outskirts of a City Center with a goal of losing weight then you're going to be communicating a very different message compared to a gym whose main audience is aged 18-30 with a 50:50 female/male split based in the heart of the City Center with goals to achieve the fitness levels of athletes.

If you are a 'mass market' gym chain, then it might be more useful to determine the characteristics of your most engaged audience. Online feedback portals such as Listen360 allow you to identify the 'demographic' (age range, gender, location) of your happiest and most satisfied members. Why's that important? It may well be that your happiest members are most likely to engage on social media. Similarly, Club Management Systems allow you to pull reports on who your most 'active members' are based on gym usage and check-in data, once again it may be that those checking in more frequently are more likely to engage with you on social media so establishing the 'demographic' of your most active members may prove a fruitful move if you want to execute a winning social media strategy. Finally, in Perkville, depending on your rewards program, you can see who your most engaged members are based on their Perkville points. If you can identify the 'demographic' of your top earners, this may give you an indication of who your potential social media audience is, again giving you the ammunition to perfect a highly targeted social media strategy.

Picking the right platform

From my introductory paragraph, if you just skimmed through I imagine one word stands out - and that's 'ATTENTION.' The reason I highlighted attention is that when it comes to choosing your social media platforms, your audience's attention is hands down, the biggest, most crucial factor in determining which platform is right for your organization. To give some examples; If you're a low-cost independent gym located in an area targeting high school and college students, then you would use Snapchat as a platform - that's where the students attention is. If you are a premium multi-chain operator that has a major focus on selling corporate gym memberships, then you might want to use LinkedIn because that's where a lot of white-collar workers' attention is focused. If you are a mass market gym chain that is primarily concerned with getting all people with different ages, shapes, and sizes through the door, then you'll need to rely on the social media platforms that will you attract as many people as possible, i.e., Facebook and Twitter because yet again you are going to capture more people's attention.

So if you've followed the advice under the Establish Your Audience section you'll have a good idea about the clientele you want to be engaging on social media. If the social media platform does not capture the attention of your audience then don't use it as it will be a sheer waste of your time and the returns you get will not be worthwhile.

Stay tuned for part 2 of May I Have Your Attention Please. 


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Jun 09 2016

Introducing Facebook Photo Campaigns


Looking for a cost-effective way to let potential customers know about your business? Social media can be a powerful tool but it’s not easy to get your customers to share how much they love your product or service with their friends. 

To that end, Perkville just released a new Facebook Photo Campaign feature. Starting today businesses can give customers points for sharing photos highlighting the value of your product or service. For example, a gym might give photo points to members that show progress toward their fitness goals, an apparel shop could get its customers to show how cool they look in their outfits, a yoga studio could prompt its customers to show off their best yoga pose.

How does it works?
Setting up a campaign only takes a few minutes. Begin by creating a Facebook photo earning activity rule on Perkville. Create a unique hashtag and define a schedule for the campaign.


Once you’ve created your campaign, your customers can earn points for sharing a photo once per day. In order to earn points, customers must include a photo and the campaign hashtag in their Facebook post.


Measure the effectiveness and campaign reach by running a Facebook photo report in Perkville.


This new feature is included in your Perkville subscription at no additional cost. If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to send questions to support@perkville.com.  


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Dec 10 2015

Why Referrals Need to Be the Centerpiece of Your Fitness Marketing Strategy

This post was written by our guest blogger, Joe Hall. Joe has a wealth of experience in driving online engagement, and operates the social media strategy for the fast growing UK based gym chain XERCISE4LESS, one of Perkville's clients.

Some twenty years ago, when the modern day fitness industry was very much in its infancy, I'm sure all the top Fitness Sales Gurus would have been shouting from the rooftops about the NEED for leisure centers and fitness chains to adopt a “member referral program” in order to capitalize on their main marketeers (their customers)—and yes, right they were! What happened afterwards tells another story; it wasn't long before every man and his Personal Trainer caught wind of this and today it is perhaps viewed as more of a surprise if a Fitness Center or a PT does not have a generous Refer A Friend program in place. 

However, just as when concepts began to progress from 1992 (the year Michael Grondahl founded Planet Fitness), over the last five or so years we've also seen monumental developments in member referral opportunities but this time it seems not everyone holds the key to this member-based marketing treasure chest—YET! For those of you who are already basking in the gemstones and jewels you'll recognize that the traditional fitness Sales Gurus have been dislodged by Digital Marketeers; old school pen and paper has been cast aside for top of the range CRM Software and cries of, “Get out your phone book and read a list of names to me,” are no more, as now our customers just have to visit a mobile friendly website and click on a timely Call to Action in order to invite a friend to their gym. I am, of course, alluding to the rise of “online referrals”. If just seeing the word “online” has left you feeling bemused, doubtful or apprehensive then it really is time you stopped clinging on to the traditional methods. You don't still see Apple churning out the Macintosh PC so why are you still adopting best practices from 1998?

Online Referral programs are now the MUST-haves for all gyms, whether you are a small independent or a large nationwide gym chain it's time to respect the digital age. At Xercise4Less we believe we have found the key to our treasure. Perkville's online reward system not only enables us to foster higher levels of customer engagement, retention, adherence and spend, but Perkville also incentivizes members to refer their friends for points. We have seen over 250 direct sales per month as a result of this awesome platform and I would strongly advise anyone who is either browsing this blog post or considering signing up to the program to certainly give it a try. For those of you who aren't convinced, perhaps it's time to step down from your Generation X rooftops and to make a start in hunting for that millennial treasure!

marketing social media referrals retention

Sep 10 2015

Axiom Achieves Substantial Growth through Perkville Referrals

Referrals are one of the most powerful forms of advertising[1]. For health clubs, referrals are the lifeblood of their business with referrals typically accounting for 40% to 65% of new memberships. Research has shown that referrals are more effective and potential customers view them as more credible than traditional advertising because referrals come from a trusted third-party[2]. For this reason, it’s essential for health clubs to implement effective and systematic approaches to generating and capturing referrals.

Axiom Fitness, a leading chain of health clubs in Treasure Valley, Idaho is a great case in point. Since re-branding their clubs in 2011, Axiom has grown rapidly by coupling state-of-the-art facilities with a broad range of high impact classes. This strategy has allowed Axiom to build a loyal customer base, leading referrals to account for a significantly higher percent of new business than the industry average. However, in 2013 Axiom realized they didn’t have an automated way to track and reward referrals.    

In July 2013, Axiom unveiled [Axiom Rewards], a loyalty and rewards program powered by Perkville. [Axiom Rewards] drives member loyalty[3] by awarding points for among other things, new member referrals, gym check-ins and social media engagement. Members can easily redeem these points for great rewards such as free massages and personal training sessions.

“We’ve been very happy with the program,” JP Green, Axiom’s President said. “We’ve been able to generate a lot of new sales without significant new acquisition spending.”

In setting up [Axiom Rewards], Axiom was looking to accomplish two goals: (1) automate the process of tracking and rewarding new member referrals and (2) create a point of differentiation in a crowded local health club market.

Given Axiom’s objective of automating the process, they sought a rewards solution that would be as hands-off and fool-proof as possible. For this reason, Axiom chose to build [Axiom Rewards] on Perkville, which is integrated with ABC Financial, Axiom’s club management software. According to JP Green, “Because Perkville integrates directly with ABC Financial, [Axiom Rewards] can run in the background and managing referrals is no longer work that we have to do.”

Now nearly two years on, the data is in and the proof of [Axiom Rewards]’ success is in the pudding.

Select Results for Axiom Rewards:  
Axiom Rewards for Participation Rate [4] 45%
% More Referrals Each Month Per Participant than
Per Non-Participant
% More Check-Ins Each Month Per Participant than
Per Non-Participant
Social Media Actions Generated by Participants  548

Automating and Encouraging New Member Referrals

The key metric Axiom uses to evaluate the success of [Axiom Rewards] is new memberships generated through program referrals. We looked at this metric through a two-fold analysis: (1) the number of new member referrals tracked and rewarded through [Axiom Rewards]; and (2) the increase in new member referrals generated by [Axiom Rewards].

Through April 2015, [682] new member referrals have been tracked and rewarded through [Axiom Rewards]. Over that same period, Participants in [Axiom Rewards] averaged [92%] more referrals per member than members who were not Participants. From these metrics, it’s clear that [Axiom Rewards] was successful in tracking and rewarding the referrals generated by Axiom’s most loyal and engaged members. To take this one step further, we also analyzed whether [Axiom Rewards] was driving an increase in referrals by those same members.

In order to measure [Axiom Rewards] impact on member behavior, a subset of Participants for whom at least 3 months of pre-rewards program participation usage data was available was evaluated. We then compared the referrals generated per month by Participants prior to joining [Axiom Rewards] with the referrals generated per month by those same Participants after they joined [Axiom Rewards]. The results show that [Axiom Rewards] has a strong impact on member referrals. In the period including the month of joining [Axiom Rewards] and the three months thereafter, Participants in the sample averaged 29% more new member referrals per months than they had during the three months prior to joining [Axiom Rewards].

annualized referrals per person

Differentiation Through Rewards

A secondary goal of [Axiom Rewards] is to provide differentiation in a competitive market. There are a number of ways Axiom Rewards helps Axiom differentiate its offering. For example, [Axiom Rewards] enables Axiom to easily provide high value rewards to loyal members to drive engagement. Axiom members have quickly taken to this element of the program redeeming free classes, gym credit, personal training and massages. The rewards are driving behavior as well. Participants have averaged an increase of 29%[5] in their monthly average check-ins in the 3 month period after joining [Axiom Rewards].

Axiom Rewards also enables Axiom to engage Participants through social media channels. Perkville is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, making earning points for social media posts quick and easy for Participants. As a result, Axiom Rewards has generated over [500] social media engagements[6] with Participants to date. It's clear from the data that Axiom Rewards is driving significant increases in member engagement.


Axiom Fitness has achieved great success in growing their business through the word-of-mouth advertising that comes with providing members with a great experience and top notch facilities. But even a health club as successful at generating referrals as Axiom can always do more to drive new member referrals. By implementing a rewards program, Axiom not only eliminated an administrative burden by automating its referral program, it also increased the rate at which its most loyal members were generating referrals.

Interested in learning how Perkville can increase retention and referrals at your club? Sign up for a free 10 minute consultation with one of our retention experts!




[1] See, e.g., http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/marketing_sales/a_new_way_to_measure_word-of-mouth_marketing (word of mouth key driver of 20-50% of purchase decisions).

[2] See, e.g. http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2012/global-trust-in-advertising-and-brand-messages.html and http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/news/2013/under-the-influence-consumer-trust-in-advertising.html.

[3] Research by The American Marketing Association has demonstrated that rewards programs increase customer referrals.

[4] Participation Rate defined as percent of Axiom Fitness members visiting a club at least once in the last 6 months who have activated their Axiom Rewards account.

[5] This figure calculated using the same methodology as the referral impact analysis described above.

[6] Engagements defined as Facebook posts, Tweets and Twitter follows by Participants.

Aug 11 2015

Perkville would like to congratulate Fitness Mobile Apps on their recent acquisition by MINDBODY!

Mindbody Fitness Mobile Apps

Fitness Mobile Apps (FMA) builds highly customizable iPhone, iPad, and Android apps for gyms and fitness studios using the MINDBODY API. FMA’s platform accesses existing information such as member credit card information, usernames, and passwords—making it easy for members to complete transactions such as scheduling classes and purchasing services in just a couple clicks.

While FMA is already fully integrated with Perkville, this exciting acquisition means that FMA subscriber apps will now be even more integrated with MINDBODY’s business management tools as well.

The integration of FMA with MINDBODY and Perkville allows customers to manage all their membership activities in one place. From booking classes and appointments to viewing point balances and redeeming rewards—customers can do it all from within their gym or studio’s app.

Don’t have a Fitness Mobile Apps account yet? Learn about how FMA has helped other businesses become more efficient. Click here to view a demo.

Not on Perkville yet? Click here to get started.

Already a Perkville customer?
Click here for a consultation on best practices.

Feb 25 2015

Perkville Raises $2.4 Million in Series A Funding

 New funding to speed product growth and expansion of loyalty offering into new verticals



San Francisco, CA - October 8th, 2014 - Perkville, a software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables any business to create a customer rewards program, today announced the close of a $2.4 million Series A financing. The company will use the funds to sustain its rapid growth in the fitness and gym vertical, and to accelerate expansion into retail, salons, spas, and more. Perkville is used by businesses worldwide and has over 1 million users.

New investor Moneta Ventures led the Series A round with participation from MDO Holdings, Keiretsu Forum, Sand Hill Angels, Xandex Ventures, Fifth Era, and members of Berkeley Angel Network.

“Perkville is already leading in fitness,” said Lokesh Sikaria, Managing Partner of Moneta Ventures. “With more and more point-of-sale integrations coming online, a greater swath of businesses will be able to simply flip a switch and have a rewards program.”

“The world is moving to the cloud,” said David Koehn of Sand Hill Angels, “and increasingly users are relying on a single device—the phone—for everything. This bodes well for Perkville’s platform, which requires no special hardware or membership cards.”

“We’ve been very product focused,” said Perkville CEO and co-founder Sunil Saha. “This new capital allows us to invest in sales and marketing to accelerate revenue growth.”

About Perkville, Inc.

Perkville is a leader in SaaS loyalty and retention programs. Through readymade integrations with POS systems, Perkville automatically rewards customer visits, tracks referrals, drives social media, and more. The Perkville platform empowers any business to create a customized loyalty and rewards program. Perkville is free for users, and offers monthly subscriptions for businesses of all sizes. Learn more at http://www.perkville.com/learn

Oct 09 2014

Automated Loyalty: How Myriad Games Created a 21st-Century Rewards Program

Perkville and LightSpeed Cloud power customer engagement for north-east board game retailer

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Point of Sale News, and is republished here with their express consent. Click here to visit pointofsale.com and view the original.

Myriad Games are “your friendly, professional game stores.” Now with three locations (Amherst, Manchester, and Salem), the shops are the places to get tabletop games in New Hampshire. Each location features a huge selection of new and used board games, miniatures, role-playing games, and trading card games. But much more than retail, the shops are a hub for the local gaming communities, with an events calendar packed with open gaming nights, chess clubs, and more.


It’s this focus on community building that led Myriad Games to create its MVP program. MVP membership is free for customers, and awards points for buying games, trading games, or participating in events. The points are then redeemable for great rewards like discounts on games, free rentals, and cool swag. From the outset the MVP membership was a huge success. The program drove engagement with existing customers–as an independent retail outlet with thin margins, MVP was a great retention tool.

But it was also analog–staff tracked purchases and points manually on spreadsheets. As the program and customer-base grew it required more staff time to manage, and increased the possibility of mistakes in purchase and rewards tracking. For the MVP program to remain an asset, Myriad Games needed to automate, with POS data directly populating the rewards program.

The Challenge

While analog rewards (tracking purchases on paper or through local software like Excel) can work on a small-scale, multi-location retailers or single outlets with a large customer base will quickly find the analog solution unwieldy. To name just a few challenges:

  • Analog rewards take too much time to administer, requiring manual tracking of points-earning activities, calculation of rewards, and deductions for award redemptions
  • Manual tracking and calculations can lead to inaccuracies and customer disagreements
  • Businesses with more than one location will have separate customer tallies, requiring periodic reconciliations for customers that shop at multiple stores
  • Customers must visit, call, or email to discover rewards balances and available awards

But while the benefits of an automated program are obvious, Myriad Games wasn’t interested in building its own technology, and needed any solution to be integrated with its POS system. This would lead to easier administration and greater accuracy, and free up staff time.

The Solution

Myriad Games turned to Perkville for help. Perkville is a leading SaaS loyalty solution that helps businesses of all sizes offer a customer rewards program via readymade integrations with many customer management and POS systems. Among this list of integration partners is LightSpeed Cloud, the point-of-sale system used in all three Myriad Games stores.

Perkville helped Myriad upload the existing MVP database, and once it was securely housed in Perkville they flipped the switch. Store staff asked customers for phone numbers or email addresses at the point of sale, and this simple request associated the purchase with a customer record in LightSpeed. The data pushed to Perkville in real-time, the points tallied, and customers were prompted to set up an account. Once in, customers saw all historical points.

Now that the program is set up it’s strictly hands-off: Customers need only create an account once, and from then on earnings tally. And the results of the automation have been overwhelmingly positive:

  • Almost 11,000 Myriad Games customers in the rewards database.
  • 33% of customers joined the MVP rewards program (more than 3,600 total).
  • Over 1,100 customers have claimed rewards.

The Benefits

Once Myriad Games had completed the initial automation of the MVP program, they began to use it for much more than simply rewarding purchases.

Myriad is awarding MVP points for participating in game-night participation by collecting the contact info of new customers and entering zero-dollar purchases in POS. This creates a record for the member in both LightSpeed and Perkville, allowing points to begin accumulating and letting the customer see real rewards if and when they do finally sign up.

Myriad is able to offer special promotions like double points for select purchases, or all purchases during a given time (like Black Friday). It’s even able to post points leaderboards, gamifying the program and driving friendly competition between gamers.

A SaaS platform like Perkville also opens the MVP program to non-local customers, and allows patrons to check points earnings and available rewards from home or mobile, offering immediate positive feedback and encouraging impulse store visits. The integration even created new touchpoints: Staff can let customers know how many points they’ve earned and what rewards they’re eligible for at the register, and regular earnings emails encourage customers to re-engage with the stores, driving more frequent traffic. Whether the customer buys or not, Myriad Games gets greater engagement with their retail footprint.

“Customer loyalty is a must for independent retailers,“ said Dax Dasilva, Founder & CEO of LightSpeed.  “With LightSpeed’s integration with Perkville, retailers like Myriad can easily create a customized loyalty program, attracting new customers and driving repeat business.”

And beyond solving the pressing need for program automation, Perkville brought its out-of-the-box perks: one-touch referrals, social posts, and regularized contact with patrons. This led to engagement outside of the stores and a new source of customer leads:

  • More than 700 people recommended to Myriad Games by existing customers.
  • More than 50 referral conversions, leading to almost 700 purchases.
  • More than 1,000 Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

With Perkville there are no cards, kiosks, or special software, and its out-of-the-box integration with LightSpeed Cloud made digital rewards easy. Myriad Games gained greater, easier loyalty, while its customers get rewarded for doing what they love. And the gaming community–with Myriad Games as the hub–is strengthened.

It is this focus on community building that gets overlooked when discussing rewards. Yes it keeps members loyal by “giving something back” for their patronage, and encourages them to continue to buy. But in the end automated rewards freed Myriad Games staff to do what they love: Talk games and gaming with customers.

Aug 26 2014

One Million!

Dear Perkville residents,

There’s a million of you!

That’s right, we’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that yesterday, August 19th, 2014 we surpassed one million registered users. That’s a million people earning and redeeming points. A million people referring friends. One million engaged customers.

How engaged?

Try 150,000 posts to the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of our small-business partners. Try more than 56 million points-earning transactions, triggering more than 46 million emails showing users the cool rewards they’ve earned. Try more than fifty thousand successful new customer referrals this year alone!

And the biggest news of all is that these million users come from all kinds of businesses. That’s gyms and Pilates studios, yoga studios and spas, salons and retail stores and restaurants. In more than 25 countries. On 6 continents (and we swear we’ll get Antarctica soon).

Since our founding in January, 2010 we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Our team is bigger, our reach is bigger, and in addition to single-sites we’re now helping some huge multi-store chains. And of course our population has grown exponentially. But through it all we’ve kept our kinship with the little guys. We set out to make an affordable SaaS solution that actually did something for small businesses like us: That helped them get new customers and keep the ones they had engaged and happy.

Now we’ve got one million proofs that it’s working.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’ve got a whole new set of features and new integrations due out in the coming months. We never want to stop getting better, and we want our customers to be as engaged with us as their customers are with them. So tell us how you’re using Perkville, how it helps you, and what we could be doing better. Drop us a line at feedback@perkville.com.

Here’s to many more milestones to come (two-million, anyone?).


The Perkville team

Aug 20 2014